Sphero Color

This Cylon example will connect to a Sphero, and change it's color randomly every second. Before we start, ensure you've got the cylon-sphero module installed.

To get started, let's import the Cylon module:

var Cylon = require('cylon');

Now we can start defining our robot.


Our robot will have, as with other Sphero examples, one connection and one device, both to the same Sphero.

  connections: {
    sphero: { adaptor: 'sphero', port: '/dev/rfcomm0' }

  devices: {
    sphero: { driver: 'sphero' }

The work our robot will be performing is fairly, straightforward, it will just be changing it's color to a random new color every second.

  work: function(me) {
    every((1).second(), function() {
      // We tell spherot o change the color of its
      // RGB LED to a random value.
      // We can also use `my.sphero.color(0x00FF00);`
      // if we want an specific color.

And with the pieces in place, we can start our robot!