Number 9! The Release In Which We Add A Web UX, More Platforms, and Tools

by Ron Evans

Our team is kicking off our first release of 2014, with the brand new version 0.9.0 of Cylon.js (, the powerful JavaScript robotics framework based on Node.js. This release adds a web-based UI to our API, support for 3 more platforms, and a big upgrade to our command line tools.

First of all, the new Cylon user interface. Wouldn't it be great to be able to browse to a web page, and check on the status of your running robots, and even send them commands? Now you can, with our shiny new single-page web-based user interface written using AngularJS, that is now built right in to the Cylon API! The great thing is that it uses the same RESTful and web sockets calls that you can use to control your robotic minions over the web. Yes, of course you can command entire swarms of robots using Cylon.js!

Angular App Screenshot

We've now added cylon-joystick an adaptor for USB joysticks, along with a driver that supports the Xbox 360 controller. This is only the first of several joystick drivers that we will be adding soon. We've also added cylon-keyboard an adaptor and driver for standard keyboard control of your robots. And perhaps most excitingly, we now have cylon-opencv, adaptor and drivers for OpenCV support, which is a powerful open source platform for computer vision.

This new 0.9.0 release also adds a powerful set of command line utilities. Each Cylon.js adaptor module can also add new commands that are specific to that platform. This CLI add-in capability just makes it that much easier to handle your "RobotOps" needs. We will be adding lots of platform specific utilties now that we have this capability. We have also been continuing our work to make it easy for anyone to add support for new hardware platforms. The cylon generate adaptor command now uses the latest and greatest code that incorporate our best practices for adaptor development.

Please let us know how you like the new release, and anything we can do to improve. We're here to help!

UPDATE: We pushed 0.9.2 to accomodate a checksum error pointed out by a user. Thanks!