Thingscon - Ich Bin Ein Cylon

by Ron Evans

The first leg of our spring tour to Europe began in Berlin at Thingscon. Taking place right before Web Week Berlin, the brand new conference brought together both international visitors and Berliner locals who are the early adopters in the new hardware scene rapidly forming in the city already becoming known for startups.

The conference opened up with a keynote from the insightful Brady Forrest, who is currently helping run Highway1, a new hardware incubator being launched out of PCH International. "Software still matters. Hardware companies, you still need software" he told the rapt audience. We quite agree!

thingscon 2014

Team Cylon.js closed the first day with a fantastic workshop. We brought our usual giant flight cases of gear, and with Spheros, Arduinos, and Leap Motion gestural controllers, we showed everyone how easy it is to control devices using JavaScript.

Thank you to the conference origanizers and the enthusiastic attendees for bringing us to Berlin!

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