Cylon Takes Off on NodeBots Day

by Nathan Zankich

NodeBots Day was international this year, with over 25 locations spanning five continents and hundreds participating for the weekend of July 26th to the 27th. The Hybrid Group, creators of Cylon.js, were proud to be one of the sponsors. NodeBot experts helped others hack, solder, and 3D print their way to creating a force of fully functioning NodeBots to be reckoned with. From blinking lights to dog fights with quadcopter drones, JavaScript developers of all levels of experience got to use their powers to manipulate the machines.

NodeBots day was open to anyone who wanted to hack on hardware, build robots, or become a Maker. The end result allowed for JS developers the ability to control the real world through their robots.

Cylon.js Nodebot

NodeBots as an idea was first conceived by Chris Williams out of the increasing need for software to match hardware creation and control within the burgeoning Node.JS community. The goal to make programming robots and connected devices as easy as programming a webpage with JavaScript is now a reality with the help of Cylon.js.

People from around the world were able to meet-up and use Cylon.js to hack together on Arduinos, Rasberry Pis, ARDrones and any other platforms that only need more input to make something awesome!

Cylon.js Nodebots Day 2014

Cylon.js supported Norfolk's NodeBots Day event to great success! The Norfolk.js Team is a fast-growing, very active group of JavaScript developers that love all things JS. From young beginners to seasoned experts, everyone had the chance to collaborate and have fun with robots. In the morning, there was a robot building session, and in the afternoon there were robot battles giving way to a winner who carried away the honor as well as a prize.

Nodebots day 2014

Thank you very much to the NodeBot organizers and participants from all around the world. We appreciate it, and look forward to next year.

You can follow along with our ongoing adventures on Twitter at @cylonjs.