Cylon.js In Scotland

by Ron Evans

We said farewell to Germany after NextBerlin 2014, then headed off to that learned city Edinburgh, Scotland for Scotland.js. Taking place in the remarkable museum Dynamic Earth, the conference featured excellent speakers, and a very interactive format with a question track taking place immediately after each of the talks.

Scotland.js 2014

During both days of the conference, we met friends both old and new. Talking to each other was a crucial element for the conference format, and we really enjoyed all the great conversations.

Our talk was fast-paced, since we have a lot of hardware. Luckily we've gotten it down to a highly choreographed level, so we were able to demo Arduino, Tessel, Beaglebone Black, Sphero, ARDrone, OpenCV, and Neurosky all in one talk!

Thank you so much to the conference organizers for inviting us to take part!

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