Tipping SCaLE12X

by Ron Evans

We were really pleased to present Cylon.js at the venerable Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE 12x) now in its 12th year! SCaLE is one of the biggest regional open source conferences, and we were delighted to be on the same bill as of open source's biggest advocates, Lawrence Lessig, who gave the opening keynote.


Our own talk the next day was standing-room as well! That plus the very low ceiling, made it a real challenge for our daring test pilot during our demo. However, the show must fly on! We had a great time, and all of our equipment worked really well. We even got to include the latest platform that we've added, Skynet (, the new machine to machine instant messaging protocol. Lots more on that coming soon…

Thank you to everyone at SCaLE12x, especially the conference organizers who do an amazing volunteer job. We appreciate it!