Winning the Dreamforce 500 With Cylon.js

by Ron Evans

Cylon.js at Dreamforce 2014

Dreamforce 2014 was an amazing experience for the Cylon.js team from The Hybrid Group. A conference talk, daily workshops, and four days of booth demos made for a schedule requiring the stamina of robots. Of course, we brought plenty of those with us, as usual!

At a conference that featured keynotes by Hillary Rodham Clinton, Al Gore, Tony Robbins,, and Neil Young, we were quite happy just to have made the bill, and so we prepared our most dynamic demos yet to bring our best.

Our booth was in the IoT DevZone, once again organized by the high-powered Reid Carlberg. We ended up in a great location, and were packed with people wanting to play our "Dreamforce 500" virtual racing game.

The "Dreamforce 500" combined Sphero robots, the Phillips Hue lighting system, the Pebble smartwatch, and of course Salesforce to create a virtual racing game, written using Cylon.js.

The game was a great way to showcase how powerful and flexible our technology stack is, by creating a full end-to-end solution that combined connected devices, wearable computing, and robots, in the form of a fun, playable game.

Each day of the conference, we led a featured workshop called "Connect Intel Edison to Salesforce In 60 Lines Of JavaScript Using Cylon.js". Thanks to our friends at Intel, we were able to bring a box of the just-released Intel Edison single board computers with us.

The lucky attendees were able to get a first look with a truely hands-on experience using the brand new Intel hardware. Every workshop we did was completely full, plus a standing room only crowd of observers, which was really gratifying.

We also gave a talk on Wednesday in the "Innovation Theater", featuring live demos of Salesforce connected drink dispensers and a delivery drone.

It was great to be able to share our vision of "Full Stack Robotics" and "The 10 Rules of RobotOps" with so many of you. Thanks for taking time out of your busy Dreamforce schedules to come hear us!

Thank you to the Dreamforce staff for all their hard work over the 4 days (plus setup and breakdown) of one of the world’s largest technology conferences. And thanks again to everyone who came to our talk, workshops, or booth. We appreciate it!

You can keep up with the ongoing adventures of Cylon.js on Twitter at @cylonjs.