For this very basic Cylon example, we're just going to hook up to an Arduino and blink an LED on it with a one-second interval.

To get started, let's load up Cylon:

var Cylon = require('cylon');

With Cylon loaded, we can now define our basic robot.


Our robot has one connection, to an Arduino using the cylon-firmata adaptor:

  connections: {
    arduino: { adaptor: 'firmata', port: '/dev/ttyACM0' }

Our robot also only has one device (or at least only one we're concerned about), an LED on pin 13.

  devices: {
    led: { driver: 'led', pin: 13 }

Next, we'll define the robot's work, which will be toggling the LED every second:

  work: function(my) {
    every((1).second(), my.led.toggle);

And that's all the parts of our robot. All that's left is to start it.