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The Parrot Bebop is the next generation of Drone, featuring a dual-core CPU, quad-core GPU and 8 GB of Flash Memory. The Bebop also comes with a 14 meagpixel camera and generates its own wifi hotspot.

For more info about the Bebop platform click here.

How to Install

$ npm install cylon cylon-bebop

How to Use

var Cylon = require('cylon');

  connections: {
    bebop: { adaptor: 'bebop' }

  devices: {
    drone: { driver: 'bebop' }

  work: function(my) {

How to Connect

The Bebop is a WiFi device, and by default it is configured to act as a WiFi access point. To connect to a single drone just connect your computer's WiFi to the drone's WiFi. The default name for the Bebop's access point will include "Bebop" in its name.


Available drivers for the Bebop platform are listed below.