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The WICED Sense is a new IoT device from Broadcom, offering a number of sensors and Bluetooth Low-Energy connectivity in a sturdy case.

It includes the following sensors:

  • gyroscope
  • accelerometer
  • eCompass
  • pressure
  • humidity
  • temperature

For more info about the WICED Sense, click here.

How to Install

To connect to the WICED Sense with Cylon, you'll need to install the cylon-wiced-sense NPM module. You will also need to bundle in cylon-ble, which is needed to communicate with the device.

$ npm install cylon cylon-ble cylon-wiced-sense

How to Use

Here's a short example of getting data from the WICED Sense with Cylon:

var Cylon = require('cylon');

  connections: {
    bluetooth: { adaptor: 'ble', uuid: '207377654321' }

  devices: {
    wiced: { driver: 'wiced-sense' }

  work: function(my) {
    my.wiced.getData(function(err, data) {
      if (!!err) {
        console.log("Error: ", err);

      console.log("Data: ", data);

How to Connect

The WICED Sense is a Bluetooth Low-Energy device, and is paired and connected as with any other BLE device. As long as you have the needed hardware in your computer for Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth 4.0), you can connect to the WICED Sense.

For more info, check out the BLE platform page.


Available drivers for the WICED Sense platform are listed below.